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planer thicknesser

Essential for accurate and repeatable straightening or dimensioning of material this...

Category: Sanding

A lightweight and easily portable sander and polisher in one. Perfect for sanding...

jig saw

The jig saw is ideal for cutting difficult shapes in timber, plastic or metal

biscuit jointer

Designed to make strong biscuit joints fast. Comes complete with cutter, angle guide,...

dustless palm sander
Category: Sanding

An ideal tool for smaller, awkward jobs. This sander comes with a built in dust bag and gives...

reciprocating saw

A versatile tool, useful for cutting straight or curved lines in most materials.

belt sander
Category: Sanding

A smaller tool for quick and easy sanding of variety of rough surfaces.

orbital sander
Category: Sanding

A good choice for fine sanding work on timber and metal surfaces. This orbital sander...

slide compound mitre saw

Best solution for jobs involving mitring timber, alloys or plastics.

edging sander
Category: Sanding

This sander is a perfect choice for sanding floor edges, stair treads and small floor...


This router is perfect for cutting rebates, grooves and joints and for creating mouldings....

floor sander
Category: Sanding

High performance drum floor sander. Designed for use on all solid wood floors that...

circular saw

Circular saws are perfect for cutting straight lines in wood quickly and accurately.

squar buff floor sander
Category: Sanding

An easily operated sander that gives a mirror-like finish, sanding evenly without...

circular saw

Circular saws are perfect for cutting straight lines in wood quickly and accurately.

porta nailer

With Porta Nailer, laying tongue and groove timber floors is an easy task. The tool...

table saw

The depth of the cut is varied by moving the blade up and down: the higher the blade...

battery screwdriver

This keyless drill with variable speeds and reversible action is ideal for fast drilling...

construction screwdriver

This electric construction screwdriver is a great tool for jobs requiring driving...

cartridge hammer

An easy to use cartridge hammer, ideal for fixing nails into concrete, masonry and steel....

framing nailer

A powerful, heavy duty nailer for fixing door frames, window frames, etc.

brad nailer

Driving up to 500 nails per hour, this is an ideal tool for fixing door stops, architraves,...

electric wood planer

Hand held electric planer which gives timber a smooth finish quickly and accurately.

floorboard and sash clamps

Sam Hire stock a range of clamps to make work more accurate, safe and easier.

floorboard guillotine

This tool designed to make short work of laying laminate flooring cuts neatly without...

door trimmer

Door trimmer for easy and precise cut of doors and skirtings, before any installation...

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